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The ultimate university grade calculator

GradeGuide makes uni grades simple by calculating your weighted average, median, and more, to tell you exactly what you need to achieve the degree you deserve.

  • Simply add the grades of your assessments, modules, and years for GradeGuide to calculate your degree's weighted averages.
  • Signing up lets you access GradeGuide from any device, update your grades on the go, and watch your progress throughout your degree.
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    This degree calculator will tell you how well you need to do to get a first

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As each university has different ways of coming up with your final degree classification, GradeGuide cannot accurately predict your final grade as it will differ depending on where you study. Instead, the GradeGuide university grade calculator provides you with four key statistics that most universities use to work out your final grade, it also uses targets to tell you exactly what you need to average for the rest of your course to achieve the degree you want.


An unweighted mean for your degree, years, and modules.


A weighted median for your degree using all of your completed modules.


A weighted mean for your degree, year, or module.


How much of your degree, year, or module you have completed.

Targets Example

Averages to achieve your targets











Your targets are essential to achieving the degree classification you want, they represent the average you want to achieve throughout your degree. Using what you have currently achieved (your weighted average), GradeGuide can then calculate exactly what you need to achieve in your remaining assessments to reach the targets you specified.

For example, one of the rows in the card to the leftbelow reads;
"I need to average at least 52.5% in all of my remaining assessments to achieve a 60% average overall"